theloud - Independent Music

There are many gigs played at the UK every year. Top performers from other countries come to perform on tours in the UK in front of massive audiences. In order to participate all you need to do is get a ticket and come to the gig!

What can one do when the crate digging DJ scene casts its eye or some dark shadowy pleasure that exudes its own creepy glow? Well you grab the ball and you run with it, waving your freak flag high, revelling in the waves of sound just like DJ Cherrystones aka Gareth Goddard has done with his new Poptones comp Cherrystones Word. A total celebration of all things fuzzy distorted and just not right, Stones Word unearths the treasures of musical sounds.

The most uniquely talented American musician since Kurt Cobain. He played down at club Death Disco in November and it was the best gig anybody has played there since the place opened - and that includes The Hives, The Libertines, The Killers, Kasabian, Razorlight and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Brendon is an absolute genius, and one of the best musicians anyone has ever heard.

So what to take to a gig? Well get a drink, some sugary snacks to keep you going and arrive to the place to enjoy the magnificent waves of sound that the musicians of your choice are ready to release upon you!